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  • 9 Dec 2021 14:35
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    Susana Arrese (Administrator)

    Call for Submissions: Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies

    This is an open invitation and call for contributions to a new Socio-Legal blog set up within the University of Oxford’s Centre of Socio-Legal Studies, Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies.

    On the blog’s website, you will see that certain sections (Talking about Methods and Methodological Musings) seek to provide resources for new entrants to the field, with the goal to build up an archive over time. We also particularly encourage those early on in their academic careers to contribute to our A Good Read section, where we seek to provide reviews of new Socio-Legal publications.

    Frontiers has four core sections:

    Methodological Musings is dedicated to discussion of methods used in the production of empirical studies of law and legal phenomena. Contributions take the form of a reflection on work already undertaken or at the design stage, including posts on the value of a particular approach to the collection of data, problems encountered in the design or implementation of a methodology, ethical dilemmas, or unanticipated problems that occurred in the field.

    Borderlands focuses on new directions in Socio-Legal studies. These might include discussion of new interdisciplinary interfaces and previously unexplored subjects, resources or archives, new research programmes or projects, networks and initiatives.

    A Good Read features reviews of recent, theoretically informed empirical Socio-Legal publications. Whilst this section is mainly dedicated to book reviews, reviews of recent Socio-Legal articles are also welcomed.

    Talking about Methods consists of podcasts in which a leading scholar in the field talks about a method they have used in their own work. As methods are a core focus of the blog, we encourage authors to reflect upon methodology in the texts under review.


    We welcome original contributions from students, early career researchers, policy-makers, senior academics, lawyers and members of civil society organisations which provide high quality analysis of recent Socio-Legal research, methodological issues, ethical issues and publications across the globe. You can view some of the fantastic work that has gone live on Frontiers since our launch in May 2021 here.

    We really look forward to hearing from you via our email or, if you already have an idea and would like to submit a post, the online submission form on the blog. You can also find detailed submission guidelines on our submissions page here.

    Please do get in touch, spread the word (find us on Twitter @OxfordCSLS), and sign up to our bi-monthly newsletter if you would like to keep up to date and receive a selection of our recent posts too!

    The editors 

    Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies 

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